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Hernia Health Hub: Insights and Innovations with Dr. Liu

Discover essential insights on hernia types and hernia surgeries from our latest blog, penned by Dr. Liu, one of the best hernia surgeons in the nation. Dr. Liu is committed to giving you, the patient, a peace of mind through education, dispelling myths, and easing concerns to ensure you feel confident and well-informed before undergoing any surgical procedure. 

About Hernias

We understand that being diagnosed with a hernia can be scary and stressful. You probably have a lot of questions and some anxiety. This guide is designed to help you understand hernias, common terms used with hernias, how hernias are diagnosed, what surgeries are appropriate and what to expect with surgery.

Hernia Repair Recovery

RECOVERY AFTER HERNIA REPAIR Most patients undergoing hernia repair for the first time can safely and comfortably go home the same day. Patients who need an abdominal wall reconstruction for large hernias or have advanced medical conditions will remain in the hospital. The rate of recovery is dependent on many factors.  The type of surgery, […]

Getting Ready for Hernia surgery

The success of hernia surgery is frequently determined by how you prepare for surgery and what condition your body is in before surgery.  Many complications after surgery can be prevented by modifying risks factors before surgery. Rehabilitation before surgery The medical term "prehabilitation" comes from combining "pre" and "rehabilitation."  "Rehabilitation" is what we do after surgery to […]

Common Types of Hernias

Inguinal Another name for groin hernias.  It's the 2nd most common type of hernia.  It is 10x more common in men.  These hernias can be divided into direct or indirect. Umbilical The most common type of hernia.  Everyone has a small opening in the belly button left by the umbilical cord.  This opening can enlarge, […]

Hernia Surgery Options

The PATCH Institute offers all options The general scientific knowledge of hernias has grown exponentially in the last few years. Advancements in technology have also greatly increased our surgery options. The surgeons at The PATCH Institute are experts in utilizing the latest knowledge, techniques and technology to repair your hernia with the smallest scars, quickest […]

Hernia Mesh FAQs

What is mesh? Mesh is a sheet of material designed to reinforce a hernia repair. It can be called a "screen" or "patch" also. Material Mesh can be divided into synthetic or biologic, and permanent or absorbable.  Biologic mesh can be made from human, pig, sheep or cow tissue.  The newest meshes are made with […]

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