Advanced Robotic Hernia Program

The PATCH Institute & Epic Care has partnered with Sutter Alta Bates Summit Medical Center to provide the most advanced hernia care.

About Us

Advanced Robotic Surgery


The latest advancement in hernia surgery has been the use of robotic surgical systems like the daVinci robot.  The wristed instruments, improved image stability, and 3 dimensional image magnification are allowing our surgeons to perform complex hernia surgeries through tiny incisions.  Our hernia surgeons have been using daVinci robots for minimally invasive surgeries since 2004.  As a result, our patients have less complications, faster recoveries and  more durable repairs.

Experience & Dedication Matters


Dr. Rockson Liu is a recognized leader and pioneer in advanced treatment for hernias.  He is the only Intuitive Surgical Hernia Epicenter program in California.  Even experienced hernia surgeons are coming to his case observations to learn the latest robotic hernia repair techniques.  He also conducts monthly courses on complex robotic hernia repair techniques and regularly travels across the country to supervise complex hernia surgery.

A Personal Approach


There are almost 100,000 ways to fix hernias.  You deserve an experienced hernia surgeon who can tailor the operation to your needs regardless of the complexity or type of hernia.  At Epic Care we are experts at hernia repairs, especially groin hernia surgery, hiatal hernia surgery, umbilical hernia surgery and incisional hernia surgery.

Minimally Invasive

Small Incision hernia repair

Have you been told you need an "open" operation through a large incision?  We perform even the most complex hernia surgeries through incisions only 5-8mm (1/4"-1/3") long.


Ventral (umbilical & incisional) hernias

Ventral, incisional & umbilical hernia repair

These can be some of the most challenging hernias to fix.  The first operation is frequently your best opportunity for a durable repair.

Groin Hernia Surgery

Robotic and laparoscopic minimally invasive inguinal hernia repair

Our experts focus on minimally invasive surgery & rapid recovery.  By offering robotic-assisted surgeries we have seen our patients use 80% less narcotics (opioids) after surgery.


Patient Testimonials

"One of the best doctors I have seen in my lifetime and I have seen a lot of doctors"

"Awesome doctor"

"10 star rating!"

"One of the most brilliant, caring, dedicated surgeons ever"

"Virtually no pain"

"Bedside manner is extraordinary"

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